Monday, February 10, 2014


 OR ... guess once and go to the fabric store twice!

Yes, I did this.   I guessed at the amount of fabric needed for my son's curtains, and I was wrong.

It all started because I am giving my younger son's bedroom a makeover.  The two boys used to share a room "back in the day".

This is how it used to look.  "Kid" art on the walls, two matching beds, etc.  That is, before my oldest turned 13, when he decided he wanted his own room and moved to the third (very small) bedroom. 

Now my younger son is 13 and I want to update his room to give him more of a "teen" room.  But he doesn't want to look at catalogs for ideas, he doesn't want to go to fabric stores, and when I ask what he does want he says "I don't know."

So I went to the fabric store without him, texted him pictures of 3 different fabrics, he picked one, I bought enough to make curtains for his two windows.  Or so I thought.

However, when he saw the too-short curtain made up, he didn't like it anyway.  From the picture I sent, he thought the fabric was black.

I'm going to the fabric store today.  I am going to measure the windows first, and I am going to buy the same fabric he picked, but in black and white.

On the plus side - there's wine in the fridge.

Don't forget to measure, y'all.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I know that everyone is sick of the snow ... but when my street looks like this ...
it feels like magic.  I don't mind getting bundled up ...

and neither does Baxter!  On our early morning walks, some people still have their lamps on ...

Walking through this deep snow is a workout in itself.  Especially when you're getting dragged by a 16-pound Olympic racer ...

who is bounding through snow as deep as his chest.  He wants to "go" against a telephone pole ...

but the snow is piled so high it is quite a climb for him.  Nonetheless, we stay out for a long time ... enjoying it all ... even though

our furry legs get encrusted with snow balls! 

Snow is meant to be celebrated!  And ... to really make it wonderful ... after all the fun, and a big dry towel, we can go back to bed.

Wishing you all a cozy day.