Monday, November 17, 2014


Recently, Baxter needed some meds.  He had some stomach distress, and as soon as that was cleared up, he started itching uncontrollably and needed more treatment, which meant he had to take a lot of different pills.  And he had to wear the Cone of Shame.

He does not like the Cone of Shame.

He doesn't like pills much, either.  I used some leftovers to "hide" the pills. 
This is some chicken, which I tried to make into a little pocket to hold the pills.  He didn't fall for that.

He ate the chicken and spit the pill out, clean as a whistle.  I know they make actual "Pill Pockets" for pet medicine, but I didn't have any.  I resorted to peanut butter, which worked quite well.

But for the ultimate in doggie pill-giving, you can't beat ...

Liverwurst.  Any dog I've ever known will gulp down whatever you wrap in this stuff.  Some humans think it is delicious spread on toast, but I won't say who.  So ... Baxter, what do you think of pills now?

Happy Monday!