Wednesday, November 4, 2015

BEGONIA - My New Favorite

I need to talk about Begonias. 

Every spring I put a few annuals in pots around my yard ... by the front door, flanking the garage door, on the patio.  I have an odd mixture of sun and shade around the place, and I've tried Impatients, Pansies, Petunias, and Zinnias all with varying degrees of success.  I had never tried Begonias, but they were on sale in May and golly, did they look good.

The sale was kind of a "one-day and use your coupon" deal, so I bought several different pots, not knowing how they would fare.  I read later in my gardening book that Begonias are amenable to shade, or sun, or in between. 

Well they surpassed my expectations and are my new favorite annual!  They roasted out by the garage and they enjoyed the shade on the patio.  Either way, they thrived and just kept blooming.  The only thing I will say is this -- they like a drink now and then.

Even more reason to love them!

Seriously, I had to keep them watered and deadheaded, but that was easy.  Here it is November ...

And they are going strong.  They are even doing better than the Mums I put in pots in September!

Here in New Jersey, it was in the 70s today, and I have flowers blooming, so I'm calling it summer.    (OK, in the early morning I wear my parka to walk Baxter, but by noon it is warm enough for no jacket at all.)

Begonias come in pink, red, or white with yellow or white centers.  Their leaves can have a reddish tint or a regular green one.  They are so versatile I had just had to Blogonia about them.  

With any luck I'll be throwing them at the same time I put up the Christmas lights.  And that's the bloomin' truth.