Monday, December 24, 2012


These past few days have been so busy, all I do is run in and out of the house doing errands.  Last week the kids had extra rehearsals for the Winter Concert at school, most of us were sick and had to visit a doctor, and then there was the shopping.

I was very late this year -- I just started my shopping on Wednesday.  Between my regular schedule and all the extra Christmas errands, I noticed that I just never took off my coat.

This is me, shopping online, with my coat on.

I would put on my coat to say, walk the dog, and then somehow, I just never took it off again until dinnertime.  My schedule would be like this:  walk the dog (outside), then grab lunch (inside) then go pick up a child (outside) then do some quick online shopping (inside), then go out to the mall (outside) then come back and eat a snack standing up (inside), then run out to the post office to overnight some presents (outside).

At one point my husband came home from work to find me unloading the dishwasher and talking on the phone with my coat on.  "Are you going somewhere?" he asked. 

I am always going somewhere!!

Yesterday at 6 p.m., I finally finished my errands with some food shopping at Trader Joe's.

Looking forward to hanging up my coat, and sitting down to relax!

Wishing you all peace.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The other morning I was packing lunch for my son.  He likes cold cuts on a roll with lettuce.  When I finished making the sandwich, I had this left over.

That's a half a leaf of romaine.  I wrapped it up for later.

Yes, I have become someone who wraps up half a leaf of lettuce and eats it later.  This is partly economics ... why should I throw out perfectly good food? ... and partly labor saving.  If I had to wash a whole new leaf of lettuce for my sandwich, I might just skip it and eat my sandwich without any lettuce at all, thereby depriving my body of important Vitamin Whatevertheheck.

But since I have a clean and crisp leaf waiting for me in the fridge, healthy sandwich making is a snap!

One night after dinner I wrapped up these.

Those are two slices of a baguette.  Miraculously, they survived dinner with two hungry boys and a husband who never eats lunch.  They stayed nice and fresh in the plastic bag until I enjoyed them the next day with some cheese and a pear.

I remember my mom wrapping up, like, the last three tablespoons of ham casserole after dinner for her lunch the next day.  I remember thinking how that seemed sort of sad ... was that really her lunch?  Did we need to be that careful about saving food? Now, I think, boy it sure would taste good to have a few bites of ham casserole right now.

I also eat: the brown bananas no one else wants, the heel of the bread, the dregs of the cereal in the box that kids call "dust." Today it was Honey Smacks.  Not my favorite, but pretty good with raisins.

I love food, and I'm not picky, and mostly, I'm in a huge hurry all the time.  So having portion ready snacks is a must.

I'm not the only one saving food around here.  When my husband makes a lemon twist for our cocktails, he saves the rest of the lemon and puts it back in the fridge like this.

Lemonade, anyone?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


So.  Last Friday, as you may recall, Baxter ate a bunch of muffins off our kitchen counter.  He is doing fine now, as you can see.

Actually, he didn't eat as many muffins as we had originally thought.  That night, when I finally went upstairs to bed, I pulled back my covers and found this.

Baxter had "buried" a muffin in my bed.  Right on my pillow.   He had even pulled the covers up over it.  (Yes, I do have goldfish printed sheets.  That's a story for another post). 

Of course, we all had to howl with delight and hug the dog because we were so overwhelmed with his little doggy burying cuteness.

Then we wondered if any other muffins might be found around the house.  They were.

This easy chair is in a quiet corner in our house.  The muffin was tucked in like this.  Two days later, when my younger son was building a fire in the fireplace, he found another one in the wood basket on the hearth.  That makes three that we have found hidden.  Each of them had little teeny teeth marks on them where Baxter had gently carried them to their secure hiding place.

So that means I made him throw up for just four muffins.  Or maybe even less if we eventually find some more muffins buried around here.  The house is such a clutter filled disaster they could be anywhere.

I hope we find them before any mice do.