Thursday, July 25, 2013


Our final reading of "Perfect Mothers" was Saturday night.  We had a sold out house, and the cast was in fine form.  We had wonderful friends and family there, especially ...

my Mom!!  Yes, we do look alike.  That picture was taken by Nancy Opel, one of the fabulous cast members.  Another wonderful surprise guest was our cousin Linda!  I usually only see her on Christmas Eve, and I'm so glad that she made it.

NYMF has a very smart cocktail lounge for post-show celebrations, which we enjoyed immensely.  Here's my mom getting it all on film.

Here's my mom talking Tina about the show ...
She's probably telling Tina how beautiful her songs are.

Photo: Post-final performance celebration!
 Here is our cast, minus Kenita Miller, who couldn't make the party.  Our busy director, Shelley Butler, was already off on another job.

Next for the show ... we will be doing some rewrites (yes.  argh.)  and then pitching to theatres and producers during the fall and winter.  I will keep you posted.

This weekend is the closing party for NYMF.  One more "perfect" post to come.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Wednesday, July 17 - the culmination of all our hard work over the past four months!  "Perfect Mothers" had two fantastic readings.   It was a mad dash of rehearsals - and Nancy Opel was a true champ for jumping in and learning her part so quickly.  She was terrific, and so was the rest of our cast:  Adriane Lenox, Kenita Miller, Jenn Colella, Amy Bodnar.  Their talent and dedication during the days of rehearsal and rewrites inspired me to work harder and better than I thought I could.  It has been a true privilege. 

I got flowers.  They were so beautiful and expensive looking that for a brief moment I got mad at my husband for spending money.  Then I discovered - they were from my mom, dad, brother and sister!  I love them!   The card is from my husband and kids.

After the second show I drove home to New Jersey and celebrated with my family at the diner.  They sell cocktails at our neighborhood diner!  I had a whiskey sour and a grilled cheese.  If that doesn't say "post-show happiness" I don't know what does.

               Curtain up in 25 minutes! Here with Pam Lobley and Shelley Butler...

Here are Shelley Butler (left, director) and Tina (center, composer) and myself on opening day.  Shelley has been incredible and Tina and I feel so lucky and grateful for all her hard work and amazing insights into our show. 

However, I need a haircut.  I look like Richie Sambora.

One more performance tonight.  Can't wait.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Rehearsals for "Perfect Mothers" are going great. 

Then, one of our actresses, Liz Larsen, got sick.  We were so lucky to get Nancy Opel to step in at the last minute.

Read about it here:

I love Nancy!  She's fantastic and we are so lucky!

That's all for now.  Been a little busy.  See above.


Sunday, July 14, 2013


Rehearsals for "Perfect Mothers" are in full swing.  And by that I mean, I'm exhausted.

We work through lunch.

We're doing lots of rewrites.  We're inviting industry big wigs.  AND we got named a "Top 10 Show to Watch" at NYMF.  Read about it here.

We are rehearsing at Ripley Grier Studios in NYC.

It's a great place.  They have a lot of bathrooms, which is good, because I'm drinking a lot of coffee.  They also have this sign.

I think I should have this in my house.

I want to thank all of you that sent money.  I know I have not contacted you yet to say Thank You, but I know who you are.  And I think about you every day.  This is a terrific opportunity, and you helped make it possible.  I am so grateful and really touched by your support.

The first reading is this Wednesday!  We have rehearsal all day tomorrow, and at this point, we are somewhat behind.  I'll post tomorrow with an update.