Sunday, August 19, 2012


I don’t want to admit I’m paranoid, but … when our family is down in the basement watching TV at night, I like to make sure all the doors on the first floor are locked.   I don’t want any burglars or violent felons strolling in our back door unnoticed while we’re downstairs eating KFC and watching “Shark Week”.  So before we head down to the basement, I lock up all the doors.

But sometimes I forget.  So, if I come upstairs to clear away the plates or get some dessert, and I see that a door was left open, I go around and check all the closets to make sure the violent felon did not enter our house and is hiding someplace, pending his bloody mayhem.

No, we do not live in a high crime area.  Why would you ask that?

So last night I came upstairs; the patio door was open.   I closed and locked it and then began my rounds.  I looked in several closets … like this one …


And this one …
And this one …


I even checked under the kids’ beds …


And I realized, our house is so full of clutter, there is no place for a violent felon to hide. 

I see this as a positive thing.

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