Saturday, November 17, 2012


I haven't posted anything because of Hurricane Sandy.  We didn't have any major damage, but we did lose power for a week, and the kids lost a week of school, and somehow that has become an excuse for my whole life and schedule to go to hell in a hand basket.

The Sunday Sandy hit, I did some grocery shopping.  Good thing I didn't need bread.

We lost power Monday.  The house wasn't that cold yet, but my son bundled up anyway. 

Power outages are boring.  Sleep is a good option.

We hadn't been able to get a generator before the storm.  The house got cold. After about three days, because the kids couldn't go to school, and my husband and I couldn't work, we checked into a hotel.  My husband had made the reservation a week before, so we had a room.

I love him.

We had figured since we didn't spend money on a generator, we could afford a short stay in a hotel.  We spent two days there, and it was wonderful.  They had power, and a gym, and an indoor pool, and TV.  We tried to make it a vacation  - knowing that we would be going back to a cold, dark house.

Then, on second day, we got a text from a neighbor saying our power had come back on!  We would be going home to a warm house!

Before checking out, we went down to breakfast.  My husband stayed upstairs to pack, and I took the boys down to eat.  I tried to talk to the boys about how grateful we should be to have power when so many people were suffering.  They agreed, sort of, and then started teasing each other, and then got rambunctious, and then the older one threw pepper in his brother's face, which got in his eyes.  He started coughing, sneezing, and trying to rinse his eyes.   I yelled at the older one, and called him an idiot nice and loudly.  People stared. 

I cleaned up our table, and noticed this sign.


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