Friday, November 23, 2012


It's the day after Thanksgiving.  My husband is sheetrocking in the kitchen.

Looks good, huh?  And the ceiling's not bad either.

We're not the Black Friday types.  We're the "do we have to go anywhere today?" types.

The kids have been watching TV all day.  One is still in their pajamas and it's 4 p.m. right now.

They don't want to be in my blog.  "Mom!!  Don't put us in your blog!" 

Teenagers.  I told them to cover their faces.

Since I only had seconds on everything yesterday, including, but not limited to, buckets of appetizers, Turnip Gratin with Gruyere cheese from The Pioneer, and two giant helpings of homemade raspberry cheesecake, I decided to treat myself--

to a chocolate shake from McDonald's.  Yes, I did have the whipped cream with it.  Thanks for asking.

And, because it's New Jersey, I did what all New Jerseyans do on the day after Thanksgiving ...


I started putting up some outdoor Christmas decorations.

I just know it'll look better at night.

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  1. you are hilarious! i just shared your blog address on my fb page. i wish i had more friends on fb just so they could see this blog!