Saturday, January 12, 2013


I am a college-educated, well-read, up-to-date, hyphen-comfortable, with-it woman who started this blog to be funny and entertaining.  Now, today, I am going to tell you about an amazing household cleaning product.

Yeah.  It's happening.

I'll keep it brief, because, I don't want to talk about cleaning the bathroom any more than I actually want to clean the bathroom.  But I had a real soap scum problem.  And I found this scrubber that is a miracle worker.

I am not getting any money for saying this. Although, I am going to include an Affiliate Ad at the end of this blog just for fun. 

This is my bathroom tile. 

See how the tiles on the right are whiter and more soap scummy than the ones of the left?  No?  Well, trust me. 

The tiles on the right are the "before" tiles.  I tried scrubbing with regular cleaners, I tried vinegar, I tried lemon, I tried pretending I didn't care.  Nothing worked.

(Just to recap:  I went to college.)

Then I tried this Scotch Brite scrubber on a whim.  It looks like this.

You moisten it, scrub with the white part, then wipe with the blue part.  The white part is made up of magic stuff that dissolves your soap scum.  It is fast, easy and slightly aerobic, since you do have to scrub reasonably hard.  I counted it as my cardio workout for the day.

The white part gradually fades away as you use it, but I did most of my tiles with one sponge.  You get two in a pack.  I also tried it on my tub, which has had a dismaying, grayish bathtub ring that I have been trying for years to get rid of.

I'm probably sharing too much.

In any case, the grayish stuff, which must have been soap scum that became discolored, is gone and my tub looks brandnew!

(DePaul University, BFA, 1982.  I'm just sayin'.)

I am sharing this with you because I am guessing if you like my writing you also hate housework.  Give this thing a try.  You won't be sorry.

Please let me know if you have any miracle housework tips that will make my home look better and give me more time to read a book.  No fair suggesting a cleaning lady.  Thank you.

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