Monday, February 4, 2013


We drink a lot of milk in this house.  I hate running out of milk and having to make a special trip to the store.  So when I shop on the weekend, I always load up.

I used to buy three gallons every Saturday.  By Thursday, I would be opening the third one.  I started calling it "Third Gallon Thursday."  Naming my days with little slogans makes me feel fun and special.

But this Thursday, we had a problem.

The third gallon was almost gone.  I had to run to the store to get a fourth.  Milk is $3.99 a gallon at our store.  Ouch.

The thing is, the more milk your kids drink, the more they grow, and then before you know it, you're at the store buying them new shoes and jeans.

Today is Monday.  I opened the second gallon of milk this morning.  I'm looking forward to Fourth Gallon Friday.

Got cookies?

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