Thursday, August 1, 2013


Last night I wanted something to read before bed.  I have several books that I have started sitting on my bedside table, but because I always fall asleep before I can even finish a page, I've lost interest in all of them.  For some reason, I thought of Noel Coward.

I have this biography of him, and a book of his letters, and I have never read either one, but I really want to.  I grabbed the bio and headed upstairs.  Reading about his charming, witty life seemed like the perfect antidote to my day.

You see, we have a friend staying with us, another boy, and between the snacks and the Black Ops and the wet bathing suits it's been pretty un-Noel around here. 

I'm pretty sure Noel never had poker chips all over the living room floor because the game is lasting more than 5 days.

I'm pretty sure Noel's laundry never looked like this.  Or if it did, he had some terrific maid take care of it.

I'm pretty sure Noel's patio was never a mish-mashed jumble of furniture that badly needs a makeover.  (Those black things with yellow handles are boppers that the kids use to beat on each other.  AntiNoel!)

I snuggled down in bed with Noel.  So to speak.  Then one of the boys came in to talk about something, and I turned on the TV to check the weather, and ... well ... I didn't even open the book.

There is one thing I have in common with Noel ...

He loved cocktails, too!

Next week is Boy Scout camp.  Perhaps Noel and I can meet up then, when I have a little free time. 

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