Monday, March 2, 2015


My laundry table is like a dating site for socks.  They show up, single, and looking for a match.

The dominant sock is a white, athletic, tall sock.  But we welcome all colors and sizes to the dating table. 

You don't have to be perfect, either.  You can have a little hole in the ankle area or some loose threads, and still find a match for yourself. You can even be stained.  But if you have a hole in your toe or heel, you're out.  Sorry.  Actually, that's how many of our socks become single.  Their mates got a hole in the toe and well, they had to go.

Whoa!  This little gal appears to be lost. Gardening Gloves need to head to the garage, where they can take their own chance on happiness.

Here at my laundry table we try very hard to get a match for everybody.  You are allowed to linger for a long time waiting for your match.  Some people might call that disorganization or sloppiness.  I call it tender patience.

And usually, you do find a sole mate.

These two are living happily ever after.

Until the next laundry day.

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