Thursday, April 9, 2015


Not your bucket list.  Not your grocery list.  Your to-do list.  The stuff you plan to do today, or this week, or by a certain date.  The stuff you need to do before your mother visits, or before the camp out, or before taxes are due.

I’ve always been a list maker.  The older I get, the more I rely on my lists because I simply can’t keep track of all the things I have to do without it.  One time, when my oldest was about 1 year old, I forgot to feed him dinner.  I just got busy, and he never cried about it, and suddenly it was bedtime and I realized I never fed him.

I really need my list.

I update my list and print it out and drag it around the house with me.  My husband will sometimes write on the bottom “Kiss Bill Lobley” or some other hopeful addition like that.
Doesn't that look neat and organized?  Except that if you look closely you will see a heading called "Communion" to remind me to get ready for the celebration next month.  The thing is, my son is receiving Confirmation, not Communion.  He is 14.  Communion is when you are 8.  I didn't even notice that typo until I posted this.

Also, please enjoy my "Spring Cleaning" list.  Check back in June to see if any of it was accomplished.

Within minutes of printing out a fresh list, I discover other things I need to do, so instead of reprinting, I just write in the margins.  Pretty soon the list looks like this.

Then I make a new list.  Sometimes I actually write on my list, "Make a new list."

This could be a sickness.

Some of the highlights on my list today include a thorough cleaning of the upstairs bathroom, which my husband deemed "appalling."  I believe that's a relative term.

Also: buy a curtain rod, finalize travel plans for yet another college visit, buy groceries and um ... blog.

Well, at least I've done one thing on the list.  Thanks for your help.


  1. "Sometimes I actually write on my list, "Make a new list.""
    This made me laugh out loud, and that's before my fair share of morning coffee! But my favorite part was Bill's kiss on your list. That's a Hall and Oates reference, and those always make my day! Good job Pam!

    1. Thank you Laura!! You absolutely always make my day, too. OK, back to the list.