Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Hi folks, Baxter here.  You're not going to believe what happened to me.

For a while now, when my humans were petting me, they kept playing with some big lump on my rearend.  I tried to tell them to leave it alone, but, you know how it is, you just can't stop touching that kind of thing.

The vet stuck a needle in it and he said it was fine.  However, last week they took me back to the vet to look at it again.  Then they started talking about cleaning my teeth.  Then I took a nap.

When I woke up ...

this had happened.  The $*^ cone!  And get a load of this ...

Stitches.  I tried chewing them off but I just can't reach them with this cone.  Also, I'm missing a tooth. They finally took that broken one out.  The rest of them are pearly white now.

My cone keeps getting stuck in doorways when I try to squeeze through and I can hardly pick up a tennis ball.  On the plus side, I get pills wrapped in liverwurst.

Well, I keep telling myself to just think of the bright side ...

It's almost vacation!
Love, Baxter


  1. Oh God. We had to put a cone on our cat Mewson after he got in a scrap with a racoon and had a huge wound on his back. The poor cat kept trying to back out of the cone, to no avail. He backed up the entire length of the house and into the pantry before he gave up. After he got the cone off, there was a period of time where he would stare at it, approach it warily, sniff it, even lick it. It was very amusing for us to watch Mewson face off with the discarded cone. Okay, we're an easy family to entertain.

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  3. That is hilarious! Like a prisoner that grew to love his warden.