Thursday, August 27, 2015


My oldest son is starting college this fall.  There is a lot to buy.  I have been shopping for months.  Recently, on vacation, my sister and I decided to hit Walmart with our kids because her daughter is also starting college this fall.

Like many students, their dorm rooms are suite style, so they have semi-private bathrooms which they have to keep clean.

(The money we're paying ... and he has to clean his own bathroom??  Yes, I know, I thought the same thing.)

Anyhoo, each teen bought a plunger for their toilet.

This is what my niece bought.  Isn't it nice?  It has a tasteful storage cover so it looks good in the bathroom.  She's a stylish gal.

This is what my son bought.

Yes, that's a plunger.  I had never seen anything like it.  But my son, a veteran of many years of Boy Scout Camp, assures me that it can plunge anything.

I think he's going to do very well at college.

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  1. Hmmm........what kind of plunger is that? I had to use the bathroom in my daughter's apartment last weekend, where her and her roommate are having toilet wars. Anna had been cleaning the toilet regularly, and has now gone on strike. Not a pretty picture. That weird looking plunger looks like it could double as a scraper, if you get my drift. Think I'll take her to Walmart next weekend while we're up in Eugene.