Friday, March 1, 2013


We have a laundry problem in this house.

I used to have an old plastic laundry hamper on the floor in my son's closet, and he was supposed to  throw his dirty clothing in there.  But somehow, he never would.  Instead, he would just throw them on the floor JUST OUTSIDE the closet.  Like this:

No amount of nagging could get him to open the closet door and throw his clothes in there.  So, being the highly intelligent woman that I am, I devised a new plan.  I got him a more attractive hamper and put it JUST OUTSIDE his closet.  IN THE EXACT PLACE he was already throwing his laundry.  I even kept the lid off of it, so he could easily toss his clothes into it.

This is what he did.

The hamper is empty.  That is the pile of dirty clothes next to it.

Someone please explain teenagers to me.

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