Sunday, May 19, 2013


Our dog Baxter is slowly redecorating our home.  When we first got him, he surreptitiously ate a stick of butter off the counter and then vomited it onto the living room rug.  We tried for a month but couldn't get the smell out.

The rug went to the curb.  Oh, well.  It was old and stained anyway.

We still don't have a new rug.  We've been working on other parts of the house.  I did buy a new lamp for the living room, though.  My older son helped me pick it out, and the whole family liked it.

Then one day, after his morning walk, Baxter went crazily dashing around the house.  I mean, more crazily than usual.  He will get especially riled up after a bath, and on this particular morning I had given him a semi-bath in the kitchen sink.

It's the best way to get his muddy paws cleaned quickly.  He doesn't love it.  But he will sometimes take the opportunity to lick a plate that's nearby.

Anyhoo - he dashed around like a maniac, crashed into an end table, and sent the new lamp crashing to the floor.

It broke.  It doesn't look that bad, but trust me it's ruined.  I didn't take a "before" picture of it, because I didn't know Baxter was going to break it.

Of course, if we had a rug on the floor, it probably wouldn't have shattered.

So now we have a slightly darker living room with an exposed hardwood floor.  Thanks, Baxter.

I promised you in a previous post that I would show you my pink laundry room.

That's a cabinet my husband is putting together.  I love Ikea!  I can't get a wider shot because the room is too small for me to back up any further. Here's one from outside the room.

The color is just what I wanted.  And I didn't even consult my decorator.

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