Friday, May 31, 2013


The exciting news around here is that the musical that I have been working on for many years, "Perfect Mothers", is getting a reading with the

 NYMF - New York Music Theatre Festival  

The reading will take place in July.  That's next month.

My collaborator and I, Tina deVaron (she's the wonderful songwriter), have been working hard on rewrites.  Here is what our outline looked like before our script meeting

and this is what it looked like ninety minutes later.

So, I've been a little busy.  If you'd like to hear a song from our demo tape, click on this link.  The song is called Gravity.  It's about what happens to your body as time takes its toll.  You might want to turn your sound up.

We need to raise about $7,000 for this reading and are working with the festival to do so.  If you would like to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation, you can go to Donate Perfect Mothers and contribute.  We will be so grateful!

I will be blogging more next week about the progress of the show, other details, and perhaps post a new song.  Until then ... the show must go on!

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