Thursday, June 20, 2013


Yesterday I had a big ole script meeting for "Perfect Mothers" at the NYMF offices in New York City.  Their building is right next to the theatre where "The Book of Mormon" is playing.  I hope some of that funny brilliance rubs off on my work.

NYMF is a great organization, and they've got a lot of big talent working in their upcoming festival.  In contrast -- their building has the world's smallest elevator.  This elevator is so small that there is often a line waiting to get into it and go upstairs during busy office hours.

Luckily, our meeting was early and there was no line.

Except for Tina.  She's the wonderful songwriter on the show. 

We had a nice man take our picture in the teeny elevator.

That's me with the sunglasses on my head.  Wait, that's also Tina with the sunglasses on her head.  The picture is fuzzy because the man could hardly move his hand to shoot the photo.  There were 5 people in that elevator we were all pressed up against each other in that special," this must be New York" way.

I suppose they have a mirror in there to ... wait for it ... make the space look bigger.

The meeting was great and our director, Shelley Butler, and our Dramaturge, Mary Kate Burke, had some really good notes for me.  That's playwriting code for Lordamercy, I have a lot more work to do!

Our performances are July 17 and 20.  More details to come.  In the meantime, very grateful that the meeting went well.  And afterward ...

We took the stairs!  (That's Shelley with Tina.) 

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