Thursday, October 2, 2014


I buy a lot of bananas.  We all love them, but we each love them in our own way.

As you can see, I keep bananas at all different stages of ripeness on hand.  My older son likes them slightly green, my younger son likes them with just a few brown spots.  I will eat them anyway at all. 

The only thing I don't like ...

is when there are no bananas.  At least it gives me a chance to wash out the ceramic pasta bowl that my mother-in-law made years ago.  We eat more bananas than pasta in this house, so that's why I "re-purposed" the dish.

When the bananas get too brown,

I make muffins.  We eat a lot of banana muffins.  Then there was the time our dog Baxter got into the muffins, ate a few, and hid a few around the house.

Including one on my pillow.  What a good doggy!!

After we eat the bananas, we like to leave them all over the house, or sometimes we throw them in the trash in the laundry room.

Growing up, we ate bananas with mayonnaise on them.

Is that a mid-western thing?  A Swedish thing?  My grandmother used to do that.  It's delicious.  She put mayonnaise on pears, too.  And biscuits, as I recall.   I still do eat bananas with mayonnaise sometimes, but not in front of my husband, because he freaks out.  My sister eats bananas with mayonnaise, too.  We're Swedish that way.

What do you put on your bananas?

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