Wednesday, October 22, 2014


My husband and I were rushing to get to a meeting at the high school.  I came upstairs to see if he was ready and discovered he was wearing this ...

Which is fine, except that I was wearing this ...

We dressed alike.  Again.  This happens ALL THE TIME.

Usually we just roll our eyes and go with it, but we did not want to look dorky in front of the teacher, or principal, or teens, or anyone else we may encounter at the high school.  At least, more dorky than we usually do.

I asked my husband to change, but he didn't have another shirt ironed and ready.  So I changed to a navy and white striped tee with a nautical edge.   It looked spiffy.

My parents dressed alike all the time, and they were married 59 1/2 years.  So maybe we're on to a good thing.

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